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Our people at the International Medieval Congress

International Medieval Congress will be held in Leeds (UK) on 4-7 July. The programme can be found on its website.

A strong group of researchers from the University of Warsaw working on Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages will be there:


  1. Robert Wiśniewski Jealous Romans, False Provincials, and Clerical Migrations to Late Antique Rome.
  2. Grzegorz Bartusik & Rafał Rutkowski, Reception of Ancient Traditions as Legitimisation of Rulers and Dynasties.
  3.  Roman Michałowski, Missionary Traditions, Religious Violence, and the Symbolic Legitimisation of Elites.
  4. Paweł Żmudzki, From Barbarian Warrior to Christian Knight?
  5. Mateusz Bogucki, Iconography and Legitimisation of Ideology on 11th-Century Coinage.
  6. Anna Dryblak, Social Elite and Female Monastic Foundations in the 12th Century.
  7. Grzegorz Pac, Local Cults of Saints and Legitimisation of Bishops and Bishoprics.
  8. Zbigniew Dalewski, The Tension between the Ideology and Practice of Rulership.
  9. Marcin Pauk, Dynastic Conflicts: Civil Wars or Constant Struggles?
  10. Kalina Słaboszowska, Do Peasants Have Emotions?: Perspective of Jan Długosz in Annales seu Cronicae incliti Regni Poloniae.
  11. Grace Stafford, The Abbess and the Inscription: A Material Perspective on Women’s Monasticism in Visigothic Spain.
  12. Alexander Sarantis, What Happened When Roman Frontiers Collapsed: The Lower Danube Limes Zone in the 7th to 8th Centuries.
  13. Aleksander Paradziński, Theodosius and the Late Latin Historiography.
  14. Tomasz Barański, Inculcating Arabic into the Nubian Soil: The Process and Its Agents.
  15. Agnieszka Bartoszewicz, Crossing Barriers: Jews in Late Medieval Warsaw. 
  16. Paweł Nowakowski, Syriac, a Monkish Thing?: Revisiting a Passage from John Chrysostom.
  17. Jerzy Pysiak & Krzysztof Skwierczyński, Struggles for Episcopal Legitimisation during the Gregorian Reform.
  18. Karolina Morawska, ‘In quodam hospicio suspecto, ubi mulieres suspectae fuerunt’: Sexual Misdeeds and Social Outcasts in Late Medieval Poland.

We wish you a splendid time at the Congress!